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Selene Earrings, Extra Long Large Round by Danae Natsis

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Oxidised sterling silver earrings hand-fabricated in Sydney.

Danae Natsis' Shipwreck collection explores accidental creations and how they may end up resembling marine creatures, maps and landscape formations. These themes have evolved to align with an expanding interest in archaeology, mythology, jewels as historical artefacts and effects of the passing of time on objects and memories. She creates pieces by applying colour to metal, either through anodising, patination and applying pigment. The Selene earrings are named after the ancient Greek moon goddess.

Danae is an Australian/Greek/British jewellery artist living and working in Sydney. She has completed studies at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, and jewellery qualifications at the Design Centre Enmore, TAFE NSW. She has won several awards, both in Australia and overseas, including an Honourable Mention in the 2011 Korean 7th International Cheongju Craft Biennale. She has staged solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions, both in Australia and Europe, and has been published in books and journals in Australia and internationally. For more about Danae and her work see

The element of chance involved when shaping the pieces means that the individual character, folds and markings of each piece are unique. These earrings are made from thin sheet metal, making them light and easy to wear.


Care: This piece is made from 925 (sterling) silver with an oxidised patina that has been coated with microcrystalline wax. The patina will evolve as the piece ages and with wear. This is intentional. Keep patinated pieces in their box. Do not apply any liquid polishes or abrasive products or use silver polishing cloths.



Materials: sterling 925 silver, patina, microcrystalline wax

Dimensions: approx. 78 mm x 31 mm

Year: 2023

Photographer: Danae Natsis