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galang 01 & 02

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The galang collective convenes regularly to discuss the role of museums and other cultural institutions in the past and present colonisation of First Nations people. It’s a sovereign space to share culture and creative practice, and challenge narratives of sovereignty, decolonisation, identity, power and language.

This edition contains both galang volumes 01 and 02 packaged together in a slipcase. 

galang volume 01 was published in March 2022, and galang volume 02 was published in November 2022. Both volumes are published in collaboration with the Powerhouse museum and Garru Editions. 

About the authors

Powerhouse-galang is the name of an Indigenous-led think tank composed of First Nations artists, curators and scholars supported by the Powerhouse museum, Australia’s contemporary museum for excellence and innovation in applied arts and sciences.

Dr Brook Garru Andrew, Wiradjuri/Celtic artist, writer and curator.

Dr Léuli Eshrãghi, Sãmoan/Persian/Cantonese artist, curator and scholar.

Dr Liisa-Rávná Finbog, Sámi scholar and practitioner of duojár.

Lisa Hilli, Papua New Guinea /Australian artist and scholar.

Dr Biung Ismahasan, Taiwanese Indigenous Bunun Nation curator, artist and researcher.

Gail Mabo, Meriam artist, educator and performer.

Mayunkiki, Ainu artist, educator, performer and musician.

Book Details

Dr Brook Garru Andrew, Dr Léuli Eshrãghi, Dr Liisa-Rávná Finbog, Lisa Hilli, Dr Biung Ismahasan, Gail Mabo, Mayunkiki
Date of publication
November 2022
Manic Distribution
Garru Editions and Powerhouse Publishing
Book Format
galang 01: 42 colour/30 b+w illustrations, galang 02: 88 colour/20 b+w illustrations
Number of pages
300 x 240mm