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Australias Nobel Laureates Vol 3

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This special collector’s edition was requested by thought leaders , universities, science and innovation enthusiasts and a wider public, based on two previous editions, 2003 and 2011. These are the only ever definitive biographies of our Nobel Laureates, an underappreciated group of Australian heroes. Many are surprised that our per capita win rate is amongst the highest in the world.

At over 700 pages, this edition sets forth a fully revised set of biographies, and includes the 2017 Peace Prize won by Australia. The biographies encompass 180 pages, lavishly illustrated.

A series of introductory pages explain the background and meaning of the world’s foremost Science and Literary Prizes in detail. Importantly , as a deliberately hybrid volume , the book contains an additional 280 pages devoted to more than 100 short essays by distinguished writers within the major section “ State of our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond “. This “book within a book” offers original critical insight and commentary pieces across a wide spectrum of Australia’s science and business innovation enterprise.

This entirely new section includes essays from Economists Ross Garnaut and Phil Ruthven, CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall, past Chief Scientist Alan Finkel and his successor Cathy Foley , Minister of Industry Karen Andrews, and key figures from our present shadow government , Anthony Albanese, and the shadow Minister for Technology and the Future of Work and Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall, and creator of the globally recognized cervical cancer vaccine , Ian Fraser ,former Senator and Minister of Industry Arthur Sinodinos , now Ambassador to the US, amongst dozens of others.

This section begins with a lengthy essay by the Editor-in-Chief which offers a challenging assessment as to our innovation future. Numerous business leaders such as Res Med founder Peter Farrell, Cochlear Chairman Rick Holliday –Smith and Technology One founder Adrian di Marco weigh in on the importance of Science and entrepreneurial activity to the future of Australia. A number of other innovation aware business leaders, such as Melinda Cilento, CEO of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) provide fresh thinking as to Australia’s innovation achievements as well as present shortcomings, which ought be addressed.

The major section, “State of our innovation Nation” stands as the largest group of quality writers on Australia’s innovation capacities and future ever assembled. These are thought leadership pieces, some sternly philosophical, others practical, some highly imaginative, a few unabashedly futuristic.

This selection covers not only technology, but economics, education, climate change, environment and sustainability, infrastructure, the future of mobility, city planning, energy, water, venture capital, and finance – in particular Australia’s embrace of ethical funds. It is an entirely original compendium of a sort not compiled previously—and a must read for thinking Australians concerned about our future.

Innovation in Practice comprises another 140 pages –devoted to analyses of innovative methods within Australian companies and agencies –large and small. This section charts practical business innovation occurring now. It explores business models in a range of articles and interviews largely with CEOs of organisations –carefully selected exemplars at the cutting edge of accomplishment, through new thinking. From market darling Titomic, to Johnson and Johnson Australia, and new launch Headsafe , this expansive review will be found compelling by any business leader , manager or executive grappling with change or seeking new approaches to growth.