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Seashell Necklace

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Seashell Necklace
44 cm


Anindilyakwa Arts is a thriving hub of creativity spanning the Groote Archipelago in the Gulf of Carpentaria NT. The warnamamalya led creative program proudly supports local employment and encourages traditional and contemporary creative practices. Anindilyakwa Artists explore creative avenues through “old and new ways”, drawing on deep knowledge of traditional practice, and experimenting with contemporary art disciplines. 

Anindilyakwa art is unique to the region, in both style and technique, though often speaks to neighbouring mainland artistic practices. Traditionally, Anindilyakwa artists have been known for their bark painting, which feature floating motifs within a sea of manganese, and dash painting – a style of artwork featuring a bold form of pattern and linework entirely unique to the region.

Contemporarily, Anindilyakwa artists have become closely associated with their Bush Dye practice. Developing from traditional mangkurrkw (pandanus) dyeing to the beautiful, textile based artform it is today, bush dye requires artists to have an in-depth knowledge of, and relationship with, Country, plants, and culture. Our bush dye is constantly being experimented with, developed into new exciting artforms, and is actively shared with all Anindilyakwa women and girls.

“Our art centres are a very important space for community. Through our art we are confident as we carry what we were taught by our ancestors. Our art hold stories and information of our land and songlines.

The art centre brings a healthy kinship amongst us and is a safe place for us. We are proud to be a part of the art centre – here we can teach the young ones through our art so they can keep our culture strong into the future.”

Noeleen Lalara – Lead Art and Culture Officer